ML-Base Research Tools for Research Process / Fall 2023


  • New Lecture is up: ML-Based Research Tools for effectively reading papers [slides]
  • New Lecture is up: ML-Based Research Tools for Literature Review [slides]
  • New Lecture is up: Scientific resources searching tools [slides]
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Course Description

Conducting research as a graduate student can be a time-consuming and demanding process. It requires a great deal of patience, persistence, and dedication to complete. Graduate students often face a variety of research challenges, including choosing the right topic, finding study participants, staying motivated throughout the process, and communicating complex ideas with peers and the larger scholarly community. However, when graduate students are also juggling other responsibilities such as TAing or lecturing, the research process can become even more challenging. These additional duties can take up a significant amount of time and energy, leaving less time for research. As a result, graduate students may find it difficult to balance their research with their other responsibilities. Machine learning-based research tools can be incredibly helpful for graduate students who are juggling multiple responsibilities. This is what we will discuss in this course

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